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How to connect your local deluge client (as a thin client) to your seedbox deluge client

Posted November 9th, 2020    4268   0   deluge thin client remote


Deluge torrent client gives you the option to install it locally to your PC and use it as a thin client instead of a standalone app. This essentially means controlling your seedbox deluge client from your PC client while downloading your torrents at your seedbox. Of course, in order for this to work, you need to be already using deluge as your seedbox torrent client.


Just go to the official deluge page, download the latest version and install it as usual.
Note: You should download and install the same Deluge version as the one you have at your seedbox. For the screenshots below, it is shown for deluge v1 but it is generally recommended to use the v2.

Set up deluge

Seedbox deluge

As noted, you should already be using deluge at your seedbox. Open up a browser and head to your seedbox deluge client. When the Connection Manager pops up, you should write down your port (five digit number e.g. 52506, yours should vary from the screenshot), which is right next to the IP address under "Host"

** Note** : If you are already logged in, click the Connection Manager tab in order for the window to appear

Local deluge (thin client)

Then, you need to do the following steps at your local deluge client so you can successfully connect to your remote deluge client:
1) Head to Edit -> Preferences -> Interface , untick classic mode so it is disabled. Hit the apply button

2) Restart deluge. You should now see the Connection Manager pop up

3) Remove the localhost daemon, if there is one


4) Click the Add button. At the new pop-up, for Hostname you should enter : . For Port, just input the five-digit port number you previously wrote down from your seedbox deluge. For Username and Password, use your seedbox credentials. Of course, substitute UPPERCASE username with your case sensitive username.


5) Click the Add button. A green tick/circle should now appear as the status for your seedbox host you just added. Select the host, and hit the Connect button at the bottom right corner. The connection manager popup should disappear and you will be connected to the deluge client of your seedbox


And that's it, you can now control your seedbox deluge client from your PC

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