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How to migrate from sonarr v2 to v3

Posted March 8th, 2021    2817   1   sonarr sonarr v3 migration db


Sonarr v3 is now released as stable which means that you can find it at our list of installable apps via your client area.
It is based on the latest v3 built which is released on sonarr's github and it will automatically update within a week once there is a new version available.

Sonarr v3 can be run independently from v2 but it would be wise to use only one of them to avoid any unforeseen issues / double downloads etc.
This guide is about how to import your existing v2 database to your new sonarr v3 database.

Note: If you don't wish to migrate to sonarr v3, you can continue to use sonarr v2 without any issues. The migrate is not obligatory. However, bear in mind that v2 reached EOL (End Of Life) which means that there will be no more support from the developers, so perhaps you should reconsider migrating to V3 and uninstalling V2 at the end


As with any other app, head to your client area and install the app as usual via 1-click installable apps .
Make sure to install the Sonarr with the v3 tag on it


Backup v2 database

Open your sonarr (v2) app and go to System -> Backup and hit the Backup button


After it finishes backing your database up (it might take a while based on how large db you have - you might need to refresh the page though), a new entry will be shown just right below the Backup button.
Click the link and download the zip file to your PC.


Disable indexers

After backing up your configuration, you need to go to Settings -> Indexers and disable them all (rss sync and search options). You don't have to delete or remove them, just disable them in order to avoid mix ups with sonarr v3.
Don't forget to click the save button at the bottom page

Restore database to v3

Open now your sonarr v3 app. It will have an empty database for the time being.
Navigate to System -> Backup and click at the Restore Backup button


At the new modal, click the Choose File button, navigate locally to the folder that the downloaded database exists and select the zip file.
Once the file gets loaded, click the Restore button


That was it! You now have migrated your database to the sonarr v3

Note: You need to re-download the series thumbnails. Just click at the Update all button in order to do so


Uninstall sonarr v2

Once everything checks out, proceed to uninstalling sonarr v2 so you continue to use sonarr v3 only

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Thank you! I migrated to sunnier v3 before I saw the tutorial. Let's say I did it less elegantly... :) Keep up with the good work, Bazarr addition was also very nice .