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How to use BTSync (BitTorrent Sync)

Posted April 10th, 2017    5993   0   how to bysync bittorrent sync
  1. Login to your client area. After you log in to your seedbox account, click in the "My Client Area" button. file
  2. Under "Your Seedboxes" click the little wrench icon and then select "Manage Seedbox". file
  3. Scroll down to Installable Apps,click Add Application locate BTSync and click Install. Wait a minute until the installation completes.(You might need to refresh the page). file
  4. After you refresh the page, Bittorrent Sync should now be listed under Installed Applications. Click Go to Application. file
  5. The first time your BTSync will start, it will prompt you for the username and password you wish to use in order to be able to access it. Please fill in both fields and make sure you do not leave the password field empty or else anybody will be able to access your BTSync. Click Get Started. file
  6. The last thing we need to do is to add the directory we wish to sync. Click on the Add Folder icon on the upper right corner. file
  7. The file browser will pop up. Unfortunately however you can not browse to the folder you wish to sync due to permissions restrictions. You will need to enter the folder manually. In order to do that you need the full path to the folder. Simply find your home path first from your client area, copy paste it to the Path field and add the folder name you wish to share as well. In our example below our home path is /home/disk11/luke and the folder we wish to share is ** /user/files/downloads. Click **Add.


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