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How to use our mobile web app

Posted April 7th, 2017    4754   1   mobile web app app

Our mobile app displays the most important information about your slot and helps in everyday actions.


Throughout the app you can:

  • see your unpaid invoices,
  • access all of your seedboxes (if you own more than one)
  • get your seedbox name, username, host name and current seedbox state. Active, Pending & Suspended,
  • get the Disk space used as of your last app refresh and your plan's total per month limit,
  • see the Traffic used as of your last app refresh and your plan's total per month limit,
  • see what's the next due date for your seedbox,
  • restart your seedbox,
  • refresh your plex libraries to sync your media.

This guide will show how to install and use the mobile app right from your homescreen of your phone or tablet.

*For this guide we used an iPhone 6 device. Procedures are very similar to most of known mobile/tablet devices and browsers. Please adjust steps to match your specific device.


  1. Open the following URL from your favorite mobile browser:

  2. After the first view is successfully loaded, look for your browser settings to find the "Add to Homescreen" button.




  3. Once the app is on your homescreen, open the app and press the "I've already done it" to prevent the "Add to Homescreen" message from showing again in the future.


  4. Now you are ready to start the configuration procedure. Click the gear icon on the top right of your screen right next logo.


  5. In this step you need to go to the API Access page of your Client Area from your desktop computer, in order to enable API Access and get your unique API Key to use it in your mobile app.

  6. Login to your client area. After you log in to your seedbox account, click in the "My Client Area" button.

  7. Go to your "Settings" tab and enable "Api Access" by dragging the round button to the right.

  8. Once your "Api Access" is enabled you can take your "API Key".

  9. Once you've completed previous steps you need to go back to your Settings View of your mobile app and press the red "Take Snapshot of QR Code" button.


  10. Press Take Photo or Video


  11. Place QR Code in the middle of the screen and take the picture


  12. Once you are confident with the picture you just took press Use Photo to proceed.

  13. You will have your QR code decoded and automatically filled in the input field. Click Save to finish the configuration.



  1. QR Code decoding success rate depends on your camera capabilities ( resolution, sharpness e.t.c. ). If you get an error when our app decodes your image, make more tries and move your camera farther from your desktop screen. Reload app if needed.
  2. In Windows mobile phones or tablets you might have to take the picture and load it from your Downloads folder.
  3. If none of the above worked for you, you should fill out the API Key manually with your QWERTY keyboard.

Actions & Gestures


1. Restart Seedbox

Pressing the Restart Seedbox button in the bottom left of your screen will result in a soft reboot of your seedbox.

2. Refresh Plex

Pressing the Refresh Plex button in the bottom right of your screen will refresh all of your plex libraries in order to sync new media in your libraries

Both actions will trigger a message in light blue showing you that your command was successfully sent.

After a few seconds the button of the requested action gets available again. This means that the command was successfully completed and all services should be ready.



  1. Swipe left or right gives you access to all of your seedboxes ( stats and actions )


  2. Swipe down to easily refresh the current page and refresh your seedbox's stats


That's it.

Have fun with your mobile app.

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