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Install our browser extensions

Posted April 7th, 2017    12372   0   browser extension plugin getting started


We have created browser extensions for the Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. You can use these extension to quickly view your seedbox stats (disk space, traffic etc) and quickly perform several actions (restart slot, plex refresh etc) without the need to login in your client area.

All extensions use our API access in order to operate. In order to use them, you need to get an API Key.

Login to your client area.
After you log in to your seedbox account, click in the "My Client Area" button. Go to your "Settings" tab and enable "Api Access" by clicking the round button


Once your "Api Access" is enabled, your "API Key" will be shown.


Copy you Api Key, you will need it later.

Now it's time to install your browser extension:

Chrome Browser

In order to install the chrome browser extension, please click here

The google store extension page will open, where you need to click the button shown below, to install the extension


After you install it, a new button will appear in your chrome toolbar. If you click it, it will ask you to import your API Key.


Insert you Api Key (that you copied at the beginning of this guide)


If you click the button again, your seedbox information should show up:


Safari Browser

In order to install the safari browser extension, please click here

Safari will download a file named "seedboxes.safariextz". Double click that file.

Safari will ask you for permission to install the extension. Press "Install"


After you install it, you need to go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions

Click on the extension, and paste the API Key that you copied at the beginning of this guide


Then you can click on the icon on your safari toolbar, and you will be able to see your seedbox's information:


Mozilla Firefox

In order to download the Mozilla Firefox addon, you need to go here with your Firefox and press the button to install the addon by pressing the button "Add to Firefox".


Once installed, you can follow the same procedure as with Google Chrome above, in order to install your API key and start using the addon. You just have to click to the addon button once, then copy paste your API key in the field.


Once you do this, just click the button once more for the window to close, and once you click it again to open you should see the information of your seedbox immediatelly!

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