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Migration of old servers to new virtualization platform

Posted January 1st, 2017    3355   1   migration


This is a guide to explain the basic differences between the 2 platforms, and how you need to proceed in order to check your seedbox functionality after the migration is completed.

You can read some technical details about our new platform here.

What are the benefits of this new platform

  1. Excellent isolation between user processes and user space. Each user can only see his/hers resources and processes and it is very difficult for one user to create issues for another user because of interference
  2. Fair distribution of resources: It is easier to apply restrictions and priorities to cpu, ram per user and per app, in order to limit abusive users
  3. Many new apps are now available. It is easier to package applications for auto installation, which are independent per user.
  4. Due to the above, you can also have a dedicated plex server that you can manage yourself with full administation access to it.
  5. You now have nice and beautiful connection URLs for your torrent client and apps (, with valid SSL by default. No need to remember ports and difficult connection URLs any more.

Most important changes between 2 platforms

Connection URLs

All the connection URLs for the torrent client and applications are now changed. You can see your new ones in your client area, under your "seedbox details"

In general, they follow the scheme:

* *

Especially for your rutorrent, deluge and transmission, the new connection url will be:

In order to access your files via http, the URL is:

FTP and SFTP(SSH) connection

The ftp connection port has been changed to 9979.

For SFTP(SSH) connection, you need to check your port in your client area, as it is a different one for each user. The default SSH port (22) will not work for connection via SFTP.

Account's file structure

The following changes have been made:
* The "torrents" folder has been renamed to "files". So the default download location for your torrents is now "~/files/downloads".
* The watch folder (the one that you drop torrents inside in order to be added automatically in your torrent client) is now ~/torrents_blackhole
* The www folder has been made hidden and is called .www now. You can access it if you connect via SFTP to your account, in order to see your hidden folders that are not normally visible via FTP.
* The default absolute path for your account's home folder is ALWAYS /home/user.


If you had plex enabled, you will have to re-install the dedicated plex app from within your client area > seedbox details > installable applications. Instructions on how to do this, are provided at that page. You will now have a dedicated plex server, that you can administer yourself (add additional Libraries, shares etc). You will also be able to use PlexPass and its additional features.


For your convenience, we have auto-migrated Sickrage, Sonarr and Couchpotato. You will have however to recheck quickly their configuration, as our migrator does not cover all aspects and use cases. Since the paths of the files have changed (as described above), corrections in the configuration might be needed.

All other applications need to be reinstalled from within your client area.

Checklist, what to check

This is a quick checklist, for a few things you might want to check very fast:
1. If you are using autotools, unpack or rss in your rutorrent, check that the paths in the settings of these plugins are correct (remember that the default path to your home folder is now /home/user)
2. Check the download paths in your autodl configuration. If you downloaded your torrents in your watch folder, make sure that the path to the watch folder is "/home/user/torrents_blackhole"
3. Check your sickrage, couchpotato and sonarr configuration. Is the torrent client configuration correct ? (can the app connect to your torrent client ?) Maybe you need to edit the paths of the post-processing folders ?

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