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My rutorrent/rtorrent interface does not load. What to do?

Posted April 7th, 2017    4978   0   faq

Normally our system checks every 10 minutes that your torrent client (rtorrent, deluge or transmission) is up and running, and if it is not it tries to restart it.

In rare cases, your rutorrent interface, might be inaccessible. That includes the following:

  • Your rutorrent interface timeouts
  • Your rutorrent interface loads with 500 or 504 errors in the log and the torrent listing is empty
  • You receive a 404 error not found

If any of the above happens to you, please follow the following steps:
* Check our Twitter feed if there are any announcements regarding your server (maintenance, technical issues, rebooting)
* If there are no issues announced with your server, try to restart your slot from within your client area.
* If the restart does not resolve your issue, please open a support ticket, for us to check this out.

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