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A: Have real time calculating on how big the size is of the selected files

For example One Drive the limit is 10gbs to upload or copy its annoying to having to calculate every file in your head or calculator so it doesn't go over that limit, you can implement a notification showing
"you have gone over you cloud drives limit, de-select a few files"

You can also have a bar thats filled up when you select a file being showing the user how much in gbs/ mbs (gbs being the default, it can be changed through the settings) the files are that are selected.

These 2 features would work when the user has selected something (which is highlighted yellow normally) would then work in real time or of a click of a button (if it's to much a stress on the servers) that calculates how much the files are selected so you don't go over your cloud storages limit.

B: Select and de-select files by holding down the right button on the mouse

Its a lot faster and easier than having to hold CONTROL+SHIFT for selecting multiple files

C:. A internet download manager

I know there is already Pyload as an app but there are many problems with plugins which cant be fixed unless you have root access so hear me out on this one

An internet download manager would be great as an app but I would to see it in implemented into SeedBucket this is so people can download any link from the internet for example mega which i know people love to do.

The internet download manager has have support for most major sites for now if implemented with the use of the websites api's for example Real-Debrid

D: A text viewer, editor + playing video files as well as showing pictures

Honestly a great feature to have in my opinion

E: I know this isn't a feature its a fix sometimes there is problems copying from cloud storages to SeedBucket in the right folder another fix is make sure that seebucket updates the file size, date modified

I hope you will implement these if they are popular enough and thank you for you're hard work you have done already!

Edit: Had to change number to letters because of weird structuring issues

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Thank you for the suggestions and my apologies for the delayed reply! All your ideas were definitely good and we already have some plans for similar features. However, can you please clarify regarding (E) ? Can you describe the problem a little bit better?


HI ryan thanks for replying. About E I really dont what i was on about sorry for the confusion