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Amazon Cloud Drive

Posted May 21st, 2017    3604   0  

I've been seeing some tutorials on setting up a local encrypted directory that runs against Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD) and was thinking it would be nice to offer as an installable feature...

Though not sure how well it would work in terms of going to a download/seed folder to work against ACD, or plex for that matter... but it's a thought.

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We have already thought about that, however, in our tests, it performs extremely bad and raises the server load very high, that makes it impossible to even consider offering it as a service.

Instead, we are developing our own solution for this, that does not use a third party app, and does not use a fuse mount point (which is the root of all problems), so that people are able to easily (from within a web based file manager) transfer files to and from cloud storages and their seedbox.