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GSuite to Workspace & what it means for Plex

Posted November 25th, 2020    689   0   plex GSuite Workspace

I thought I add this to the forum as I am sure people will be made aware soon enough that GSuite is no more. So if you are like me and you are using Gsuite Business so you can get that sweet unlimited drive option for $12 you'll be saddened to know that Google has done away with Gsuite. They have instead replaced it with Workspace and if you check the website you'll see that the available options do not list an unlimited drive choice. Now I am hosting 71tb and this was quite troubling. Upon further research it appears you can upgrade to the Enterprise option which will give you unlimited storage capacity but at $20 per month.

So I reached out to Workspace tonight to find out a few answers to questions that I had and I am sure a few of you might have as well. I asked when would I need to switch and the response was when ever I want. It is believed by some that they are not forcing current users to switch for now but may in the future. My second question was how would this switch affect my current drive and the data on it. Would I have to migrate it? He said no and it wouldn't be affected. I then asked about my current API's and if they would be affected. He said again the change wouldn't affect them.

So in short we are all gonna have to make the change eventually and be forced into the higher price tier. Our data and API's will remain as they are which should have no affect on our Plex servers.

$20 may seem sorta high but if you are like me with 71tb it's a lot cheaper than my other choice. Buying enough 16tb hdd to run a NAS which would cost me over 2k. Or go with Dropbox for $25 per user a month with a minimum of three users or $75 per month.

Just wanted to share this as I know many of you use Plex with GSuite.

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