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Posted August 20th, 2017    6102   1   apps ubooquity comicstreamer lazylibrarian

Hi there!

I would suggest a few more apps for the great enivorment, which will extend the user experience to a maximum level :)

It would be great to see the implementation of following apps/programs:
Lazy Libarian - (Mylar for ebooks)
ComicStreamer - (Media server app for comics)
Calibre - (Ebooks mgmt)

And, the following apps were already mentioned in other idea suggestion threads:
Ombi -
PlexPy -

I'm looking forward to see a few of them soon in my seedbox ;)

Thanks for all your efforts!

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thx, how about a statement from :)

i also would like to add Lidarr:


I'd like to add Organizr:

It's basically a dashboard for all your apps, so you'll only have to bookmark one URL. It would also be great if this was integrated into Seedbucket instead.