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Some of my suggestions.

Posted March 11th, 2020    1098   0  
  1. Add support for bazarr (Because Sonar & Radar dont have subtitle gathering support.)
  2. Add support for Organizr
  3. Add support for Jellyfin & Ember (Preferly Jellyfin)
  4. Add support for xTeve ( for plex, not needed with jellyfin tho since jellyfin have support for plugins such as IPTV, opensubtitles etc.)

Overall i'm pretty darn happy with the support is top notch.
They actually help you with the things you need to get done.
(Wish it was the same for all providers, but it isn't)

From my list the one's im "most eager to get" is Jellyfin, and bazarr.
I feel that i could fix all my "streaming needs" to the quality i wish with theese tools.

OFT : The fact they have support for gdrive (rclone) all of that with just 1 click install and copy paste few lines. Is fantastic. And i really mean it.

Anyhow this is my few cents. Feel free to comment if there is anything else that might be nice to have added, who knows maybe there is an "app" that i dont even knew existed that might fall in my interest. Peace

(Sorry if i type like a "crack head" not everyone have fabulous writing/typing skills. )

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