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Hi there

First of all, I would like to point out that your service is really great! Thanks for your work guys!

To boost the experience to an even higher level, I'd like to suggest some further improvements. For myself, a great experience is defined how I can automate my torrent behavior and so the applications I'm allowed to use on

What we can already use today:
Plex: Media central station ;)
Ombi: For Plex-Requests
Tautulli: Plex statistics
rTorrent: Webview
Seedbucket: really cool torrent web-view and Filemanager
Sonarr: TV-Show Automation
Radarr: Movie automation
Jackett: Great Proxy for trackers
Resilio Sync: file synchronization tool
Headphones: Music automation, but it works more often "meh"
Mylar: Comic automation, but it works more often "meh"

As you can see, there already plenty of application we can use. That's great! Only a few of them work "mediocre".

But there's still room for optimization. So I'd like to suggest some applications, which are great and will make you the best seedbox provider!

I would like to see (as soon as possible ;) ) these applications:
-LazyLibrarian: follow authors and download books (
-Lidarr: Sonarr/Radarr for music (
-NZBHydra: similar to Jackett, but with more indexer support (
-Organizr: dashboard for all apps (

It would be great if you can look into these apps and give us some feedback if there already planned or it is impossible to support these on

You guys do a great job here. Thank you for all your efforts!

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Any update or news?


LazyLibrarian, Lidarr, and NZBHydra are all available now. :D

I would still really love to see Organizr though.


Another vote for Organizr!