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User created one install apps

Posted June 16th, 2020    421   0  

There are always new things that people create, that can be super useful and there are many developers that would be happy to build community apps.

All of your one click apps are scripts that perform the actions in the background.
Why not create an "API" that will provide developers the ability to create their own apps.

For example, I would love to add support for different UI clients for rTorrent or the apache http browser. people already developed these things, but I would be happy to create one click apps.

In order to get around the permissions and other issues, you can have a submissions box/thread which will provide the access to the API.

You can also define what rules or frameworks you allow.

In conclusion:

I think this will make you stand our to many other seedboxes and will make the community much more interested in contributing which will make your platform much better.

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Hello, I want the app for iPhone