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3 questions before I sign up

Posted April 8th, 2021    516   0  

Hi. I want to clarify 3 questions before I sign up for service. I searched the site but could not find definitive answers.

I see unmetered bandwidth. I want to clarify that this means unlimited upload and and unlimited download always at the fastest possible speeds, correct ?

I see only 1 torrent client can be used at a time. I like Deluge. Can I still use Deluge and make use of the autodl-irssi plugin using Rutorrent ?

I see a limit on the number of torrents that can be seeded using Deluge. Is that limit still in effect, or is that a recommendation ? What happens if the limit is exceeded ? I have not seen this criteria on other providers that I have used.

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For information regarding traffic, please visit our blogspot here , you can find the answers to your questions.

As for the torrent client, you are correct, we only allow one to be active at a time. You can choose between rtorrent, deluge and transmission. And yes, you can use Deluge while making use of the autodl-irssi plugin of rutorrent. While you have Deluge selected as your torrent client the ruTorrent interface is still accessible through here: https://USERNAME.cloud.seedboxes.cc/rutorrent (just substitute the uppercase with your seedbox username).
You will be receiving an error that it can't connect to rTorrent (which is normal since you will be using Deluge) but you will be able to use the autodl-irssi plugin.

As for the limit at number of torrents, could you please point to where you have seen it exactly? We do not pose any kind of limits at any torrent clients so it must have been a recommendation. Bear in mind that the more torrents you add, the less responsive your torrent client is going to be up to the point of being unresponsive or failing to load. All torrent clients have technical limitation as to how many torrents they can display - you can't add infinite numbers.