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Accessing & Downloading Plex Database / accessing hidden folders

Posted March 9th, 2022    441   0  


I would like to download a copy of my plex database.

I have found the directory where the plex database is stored. /home/user/.apps/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/

However it seems in both Seedbucket and FTP I can't access this location. In fact, when I try to enter the location of the hidden directory in my FTP client it says "Failed to retrieve directory listing". How can I access this?

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As this is a hidden folder, you can't access it via FTP. You either need to login via SFTP (so you can have a GUI) or via SSH (for CLI).
Either way, you can the find the correct port at your client area (it should be something like 45XXX).
If the FTP app you are using supports SFPT too (most of the do) then it is easy, just swap FTP for SFTP and input the correct port (instead of 9979) - everything else stays the same.