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Auto FTP to NAS Drive

Posted September 11th, 2021    916   1  

How do I automate an ftp transfer from my seedbox to my Synology NAS box?

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You need to SSH to your seedbox and create the rclone remote point for your FTP NAS box. Afterwards, you need to create a bash script that will offload content from a certain path of your seedbox towards a destination path at the FTP remote point.
You must place that script at "~/.local/bin/" path.
Finally, you need to create a cronjob for the script (e.g. run automatically twice per day).
Beware that there are some limitations for rclone ftp .

If you need assistance, please create the rclone remote point and then open a support ticket from your client area, stating the action (copy/move) you want to perform, as well as the exact source/destination paths and we will gladly create the script and cronjob for you.