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Auto-open .torrent or magnet in seedbucket?

Posted January 2nd, 2023    284   0   deluge seedbucket

Is there a way to have seedbucket automatically add a torrent when clicked in Firefox?

Right now I really value the convenience of clicking on a torrent having the file-type set to open in the Deluge thin-client. But unfortunately deluge won't display my portion of the shared seedbox, (just the total), nor does it have a convenient way to manage files without opening Filezilla. Additionally it would be nice not to have another whole program just to check on my torrents.

Thank you for your time.

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Unfortunately there is no automation for what you are asking, unless you use a firefox extension that connects with your deluge client (which is something already done by your thin-client, but it is more conventient to just right click the torrent and directly add it). From a fast Google search, "Torrent control" Firefox extension might suit your needs, regarding the auto-add feature.

For server address:
(substitute the capital letters with your seedbox username) and input the seedbox username password at the corresponding fields.

As for the disk space/managing files/checking on torrents, seedbucket already does that via your seedbox dashboard and torrent client dashboard