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Auto-syncing files to GDrive

Posted June 29th, 2020    34   0  

I have Google Drive setup in SeedBucket, is there anyway to have files automatically transfered over, or do I need to copy each time

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There are actually two options for that:
1) If you have done Plex integration into Google drive via your seedbucket, then a script can be installed that will automatically offload content found in your local Plex subfolders towards your Google Plex subfolders. You can install that script yourself via SSH if you want, just head to the advanced section of the above link - scroll down at the bottom of the guide. Alternatively, we can do that for you via a support ticket.
2) If you don't care about Plex integration, then you need to follow this guide for creating the rclone remote for your Google drive, again via SSH. After that, you can send us a support ticket, stating a) the source path (at your local seedbox) for the folder or folders you wish to transfer and b) the destination path at your Google drive, and we will handle the creation of that custom script


Glad I looked at this thread. I was thinking to ask about this topic as well so thank you all.