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BTSync Bandwidth Restriction?

Posted September 16th, 2020    176   1   btsync


At the moment, I have BTSync installed on my seedbox which syncros the files I grab via rTorrent down onto my LAN which has Resilio installed locally.

I have 3 folders that are synced. Movies. TV Shows. Music. Each of these are independent of one another.

I have noticed that each folder will only sync up to a maximum of 25MB/sec. This isn't bursting, but sustained over a long period of time. If I have 2 folders syncing simultaneously, it does sync at around the 48-50MB/sec sustained.

If I use Filezilla and just hoover these files down, I get a sustained 55MB/sec, which is close to my maximum speed on my circuit (500Mb/sec)

My question is.... are there any limitations on the traffic that is egressing the seedbox via BTSync/Resilio?

Its more a curiosity thing. If I need to tweak Resilio to max the throughput, them I'm more than happy to give that a try.

Many thanks.

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