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Cannot see subfolders of my Google Team Drive attached to my Plex Media Server through Rclone

Posted May 21st, 2022    336   0   plex Google Team Drive rclone Mount seedbox subfolder subfolders seedbucket

Hello, I subscribed to yesterday, taking the lowest tier (the Bat Box). I want to use the seedbox as a Plex Media Server with my Google Team Drive (that I already owned) as my storage. I followed your guide on how to use Rclone to achieve this, and while the mounting of GDrive on Rclone was successful, my Plex Media Server installed on the seedbox cannot see the subfolders of my Google Team Drive. To be honest, it doesn't see any media at all (while selecting the directory "/home/user/mounts/rclone", which is my whole Google Team Drive) and doesn't perform the media scan either. What could be the cause of this?

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Accepted Answer

There is probably something wrong with your rclone mount installation.
Have you followed our guide to the letter?
To make certain of that, just SSH to your seedbox and issue the following command for your (first) rclone remote mount;

rclone --config=~/.apps/rclone/rclone.conf lsd remote:

If there is an error, it will output it to your console. Most of the times, the Google Drive API is not enabled (it will give you a link to enable it).
If this is not the case, it is best if you opened a support ticket from your client area so our technicians can assist you.

Thank you, I solved it with the help of the technical support. It was an API Issue of Google Drive. I enabled it correctly and now the subfolders show correctly.