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Posted June 5th, 2020    83   0   plex Google drive rclone crypt

I currently have my own server and I just recently uploaded all my media to Google Drive using rClone Crypt.

It took me a LOT of work to clean all data and sort out all the kinks.

I am currently using Plexdrive with rClone to play my media.

I am aware that Plexdrive would not work with seedboxes, therefore, if I switch to, will I be able to keep my current encrypted data and use them in my new Plex server library?

Thank you

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This is possible and yes, you are correct, even though we don't support Plexdrive, there is a way to integrate your already encrypted Google library to your new seedbox plex server.

After connecting your Googledrive with seedbucket, navigate to the encrypted folder and set the encryption settings to it (or set whole Google drive encryption if you have encrypted your whole Google root).
You need to use the exact same encryption options and input the obfuscated (non-original) passwords (which can be found at rclone.conf file).
Afterwards, make sure that seedbucket successfully decrypts that content and you should be able to proceed with Plex integration. Don't forget at step 2/7 to click and select that encrypted folder, in order for Plex to able to decrypt that content afterwards too.

If you require any assistance, please open a support ticket from your client area