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Connect to seedbox using FTP on iOS/iPadOS

Posted February 17th, 2022    659   0  

Ive been trying to connect to rutorrent on my ipad using ftpmanager and filebrowser apps but still fail to connect to the rutorrent.

Anyone know how to set this up?

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You describe two different issues.
FTP is only needed if you want to connect to your seedbox to download more easily files from your seedbox to your PC than to download them via the web browser (via seedbucket) instead. It is seedbox-specific, you can't connect to rutorrent via FTP.
As for your rutorrent, you can easily access it via any web browser and from any device. You can find the link at your client area.
It should be something like this:
https://USERNAME.cloud.seedboxes.cc/rutorrent (just substitute the bold chars with your seedbox username).

OR, you could use seedbucket for that, which you can also use from any modern browser and from any device. You can control your torrent client via its equivalent seedbucket dashboard too - no need to navigate to its web UI. You can check our seedbucket guide here