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Constant plex buffering

Posted April 26th, 2019    353   0  

For a while now anytime I try to watch plex I can watch a movie for a while and then it gets stuck at buffering for so long that I end up just exiting the movie. I have a 400mbps download speed connection for my isp and have tested it several times and am getting full speeds. This is doing this on several different wifi connections as well as my 4g LTE for verizon. The movies are usually only around 2mbps to 8mbps. You'd think with a 400mbps connection that has been verified to be running full speed shouldn't have such slow load times and constant buffering. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm having a lot of complaints from people I share my Plex library with. I used to host it on my desktop computer with only a 12mbps upload speed and never had any problems even when watching remotely.

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Think I'm just going to cancel after this first month and go back to streaming on my slow 12mbps upload speed. Can't even watch a movie without it skipping or freezing every 20 secs on this seedbox. Also can't download any files faster than 2-4MB/s when steam will download any file at 26MB/s. Don't understand what I'm paying for.


Just because you have a 400mbps line, does not mean that you can pull that kind of speed from our servers, as the peering of your ISP with our location might be bad.

I suggest that you run a speedtest here:


during the time that you have the buffering, and open a support ticket with the link from the speedtest, so that we can check it out