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CouchPotato py files

Posted June 12th, 2017    1604   1   couchpotato

My seedbox was recently upgraded from the old system to the new dockerized system. On the old box, I was able to access CouchPotato's py files and edit them to make them work, but in the new system, I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to find where they are.

Before, I could see the py files easily using FileZilla or something similar as they were all in the CouchPotato folder. On the new dockerized system, I've found the CouchPotato folder in /.apps but I do not see the py files.

When I check my CouchPotato error logs, I see that it's checking in /opt/couchpotato/ but when I navigate to there, that directory doesn't exist.

I need to edit the py files, otherwise my snatch functions do not work.

Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated.

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Please open a support ticket, with the files that you need to be altered. Since we handle all autoupdates to the couchpotato app, the main source files of the application are not available to the end user. But we can make any alterations you need, so please open a support ticket with instructions on what you need changed and we will do this for you