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deluge: move torrent file to seed from Google Drive

Posted March 11th, 2021    862   0  

Hi. I'm filling up my local seedbox storage quickly. I have to seed my torrent files for 2 weeks, which means my download capacity is limited. I'm offloading my completed torrents to an encrypted GDrive, which is great - what I'd like to do is to then use the "move storage" option in Deluge to tell it to seed the torrent file from the GDrive instead of seedbox's local storage (so I can then delete the local copy). Is this possible? the option to "move storage" is there, but no option to browse to GDrive.

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Downloading/uploading from your Google drive is not possible and even if it were, you would probably get banned from Google for doing so, so we don't allow it.
If you want to keep seeding torrents, you can do that only from your seedbox. So either download less in order to seed more and stay below the disk threshold capacity of your disk or upgrade to a better tier and get that extra oomph of disk size to cover both your downloading/seeding needs.


Hi. Thanks for the response, I thought that might be the answer. Could you possibly just let me know as to the reason why you don't enable/implement this feature though? it would be incredibly useful, and I see no logic with regards to being banned by Google, as the data is encrypted, and for most torrent files the data demand would be lower than real time streaming. And I also do not see any seeding related issues with the encrypted file, as seedbox has the encryption key. thanks.

Encryption has nothing to do with that. You will get banned due to high flood of API requests that torrents cause when downloading/uploading. Also, a low latency storage is needed for seeding torrents - a fuse mount for your gdrive is not. Streaming a single file is beyond comparison with downloading a single torrent in terms of API calls.