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Direct Download fastest comparing to (rsync,lftp -n 10 ,filezilla)?

Posted October 12th, 2021    378   0   question Am I doing something wrong?

How come Jdownloader avrage out at 18MiB/s and lftp with the flag -n 10,rsync,filezilla ftp and filezilla sftp avergaing at 10-13MiB/s ? Running rsync,lftp with Ubuntu Subsystem for Windows 10?

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Sorry guys what I mean is that, when transfering files from remote to local with lftp and/or rsync the files are slower. But when downloading with jdownloader from the same source. The download speed is faster than comparing to transfering file from remote.


The source is not the same. In the first case, you download from your seedbox and in the second case, you directly download from another source via JDownloader.
You need to send us a ticket from your client area so we can check the peering between your ISP and our network infrastructure and see if there are any network issues.

Hint: You could also check our speedtest/reroute guide here, perhaps an upstream is causing you issues and your connection needs to be re-routed. Just make sure you paste at your ticket the speedtest link with the results