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Posted December 22nd, 2019    316   0   encryption

Would it be possible to get some encryption software available to encrypt folder or maybe even whole user?

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Hello and Merry Xmas!
We have already implemented rclone utils via seedbucket app, you can encrypt folders in Dropbox / Googledrive / FTP / SFTP.
You can find more info here .

As for the whole user, what exactly do you mean?


Whole user I basically mean encrypting whole linux home folder or some folders inside it.

Just for the record and for future viewers, you can't encrypt your local seedbox (either home folder or any other folder), as stated in our guide. Currently, you can only encrypt your whole drive (root path) or any folder, at your Google / Dropbox / FTP / SFTP drives. For more information, please check our guide in the above link
Thanks for the information! We'll keep thumbs up that someday seedbucket would have mouse 2 menu entry for encrypting local folder or even whole user folder and way to decrypt them via menu after reboot etc ;)