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G-Drive 750G Limit and The New rclone Mount in Seedbucket

Posted September 4th, 2022    299   1   rclone mount Google drive google limit seedbucket

Came back from a little over a year ago. Wow, great job SB Team on all the enchancements to the system. Blown away with all the options.

Read docs and understand most about the rclone mount but here's the question / senerio.

Say I have a 2 TB Seedbox and I fill it up to say 1.5 TB and the download location for all the torrents is this rclone path:

"/home/user/mounts/rclone or 2/" and it's encrypted and linked to Gdrive.

  1. Do I have to manually delete it so it stops counting towards my SB quota or after it uploads does it delete?
  2. If the 750G Limit for Gdrive upload is reached . . . how does seedbucket / the system deal with this? Does it stay queued for a certaiin amount of time and try again or does it just continuisly try unitl google resets the upload quota?

You guys are awesome, keep up the great work.

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First of all, thank you for your kind words, I will surely pass them on to our dev team!
We continuously upgrade our seedbucket app with new features and improvements and the users have contributed a lot to that, whether it is via our feedback/ticketing system or surveys.

(Edited to be more clearer): As to your question, AVOID downloading directly to your mount. This will cause low network speeds, huge I/O, app unresponsiveness and might lead to an API limit/ban. The correct procedure is to set your mount path at -arr apps (sonarr/radarr) so only finalised content is uploaded. So download locally and transfer (automatically via apps) to your mount.

That path is essentially a local file cache, so regardless of Google limits, it always occupies disk space at your local seedbox prior to be transferred to your Gdrive (or generally, your mount, since we now officially support dropbox too and unofficially anything else that can be used via rclone). This is to ensure that the API calls done to your mount are minimized as much as possible, in order to avoid any kinds of limits/bans.
This cache can grow up to 200GB in storage in your account (depending on the frequency of reading/writing on the mount) so you need to be aware and have this space available to your seedbox, regardless of how much content you will place there.

You don't have to delete anything. If you haven't hit the 750GB daily upload quota limit, a transfer (move) towards your mount will automatically start once content is placed to that path (with a very minor delay, to be exact). Once the upload finishes, the seedbox occupied disk space will be reduced since now the content will reside at your mount.
However, the path stays the same, so even if you were streaming at that moment, you won't notice any buffering/pauses etc.
Now, if you hit the daily limit and try copying/moving content towards your Gdrive via seedbucket, it will throw an error (most probably a rate limit exceeded error).
If new content is still being added via -arr apps, after the limit has been hit, it will only take disk space at your seedbox until the limit is reset after a full day. Your content will of course be accessible to all of your apps, for the duration of the limit.
There are no queues or scheduled tasks, rclone will continuously try to upload every a certain amount of time until the limit is lifted.

So basically, we have set up everything to be as much as automated as possible with the least (if any in some occasions) user interaction. Your only worries should be what content to download :)