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Getting the API url for FlareSolver

Posted February 12th, 2022    883   0   sonarr radarr jackett

Some of the my feeds are no longer working and Jackett says it needs to configure FlareSolver to work, according to the Flaresolverrs website its included with Jackett and I just need to open a specific file. Has anyone else tried this? I tried to open a SSH connection but it keeps rejecting my password. Anyone else made this work?

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Same here, would love to have a fix


Hello I noticed I was having the same issue with you. I have found a solution that seems to work for me.

I was trying to test the flaresolverr docker and was able to config it correctly, I wasn't able to enable it within jackett. I was successful with adding it in the flaresolverr APR URL. Which it will retain the value after restarts of the docker, but when looking into my logs on jackett it says flaresolverr is disabled (which I can't find where to specifially enable).

I currently am using deluge as my downloader client, which has a VPN on enabled on it. I also have additinal features that allow me to reverse proxy other dockers to it. So taking my deluge IP:port values and inputting them in my jackett as the proxy settings correct my issues with all my indexers.

While I do have a password on my deluge to connect to the web interface I foudn for proxy is dones't make a difference.

Proxy type: HTTP(s)
Proxy URL:https:// delugeIP
Proxy port: delugeport
Proxy username: N/A
Proxy password: N/A