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Google Business Alternatives for Storage

Posted May 12th, 2023    75   0   storage

Hi all!

I received a notification from Google that my business account's storage (5 TB) was exceeded.

My library is much much larger than that. I'm wondering if folks have experienced this previously, and what some alternatives are. I checked the prices for upping Google's storage, and it's prohibitive (and per user).

Appreciate any suggestions!

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The only one I've ever heard people using is Dropbox


dropbox but after 30tb they will ask why you want more space, it seems to be hit and miss.


It's Google Enterprise that now has unlimited storage. I pay 15.30GBP/month and it is truly unlimited. I have many 100's of Tb stored.

After speaking with support, Google's Enterprise Plus tier requires a minimum of 5 users in order to achieve unlimited storage, so not viable for me unfortunately.