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Hardware specifications

Posted January 7th, 2019    594   0   disk

I just got my first Bat Box, it works wonders. Blazing fast transfer speeds. However, i still have a few questions:
* Is the 20 gbps up/down shared across the physical server, or per-user 20 gpbs?
* What kind of storage are files stored on? Is it a HDD, a SSD? And if i'm not asking too much, what model are they?

I'm specifically curious about the storage medium because my torrent client of choice (Transmission), while not the fastest, randomly jumps from 70 MB/s download to 12-14 and then back as if it was flushing it's cache to the disk. It's not a problem by any means. There does not seem to be the "lshw" or "hdparm" or "hwinfo" command available through SSH so I could check the storage medium model.

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