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Headphone Config

Posted October 17th, 2017    1546   0  

In headphones, what is the proper URL for download clients for people using NZBGET ?

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Why there is nothing related to the Headphones application, some kind of information to help us configure or at least an explanation of why the application has not been updated or simply let us know that it is abandoned. In that case, I don't understand why to keep it.

Personally, I have a problem logging in, and when I enter, it asks me for an update and if I decide to enter the data, it does not save it and it remains in a state like sinestuviara doing the update.

I would appreciate it, if there is someone moderating this community ot respond, the one who wrote before me was completely ignored.

Actually, I expect the same thing. Although it would be good the opposite.


The Headphones app should be updating normally now. We made the necessary changes. By tomorrow all headphones installations will be updated to the latest version