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Help creating a torrent with seedbucket with deafault Deluge

Posted July 11th, 2019    804   1  

Ive tried to create a torrent through seedbucket. Find file, create torrent, add the announce, mark it private for the private tracker, run it makes the file I can download to my pc also. Now please forgive this newb question, as this would be my first created torrent. How do I seed it? I create the file add it to deluge, made the torrent from the tracker with the file previously made. But no initial seed on the tracker. My first torrent went down in flames. What have I done wrong? I got the file from the tracker itself that it had created and added it even. But Im not seeding it so it couldnt download? I uh am lost. Again please forgive the the stupid question. I did at least read all I could before coming here.

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