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Hi, is anybody else having issues with no access to their boxes?

Posted April 13th, 2021    125   0  

I'm having issues but the service status page shows everything is alright. I opened a ticket already but just wondering if anyone else was having issues?

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We got a few tickets regarding the inability to open rutorrent client but this has nothing to do with us.
If you are using lastpass browser extension for chrome, you should notify the developers on how you can disable it for your rutorrent link and also send them a bug report for this issue so they can fix it.

For the time being, you can open an incognito (private) window (which automatically disables all extensions) or use firefox with lastpass extension (we got reports that on firefox it is working properly) until lastpass developers release a new version for their chrome extension.

If this was not the case, then our technicians will further assist you via your ticket.


yeah, I have an infinite login loop when I try to login via rutorrent webinterface ... and I can't login via SSH neither...
funnily Syncthing and FTP are working, but nothing else...
just bought the box and it is not working


As this is an individual issue, could you please open a support ticket from your client area so we can further assist you?