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How can I know how much disk space I actually occupy on my seedbox?

Posted January 13th, 2023    364   0   seedbox space disk files file explorer utility occupy occupied

Hello everyone,

For a while now, I noticed that the disk space that is occupied on my seedbox is way greater than I expected; for better understanding, I use the disk space of my seedbox basically for Plex, Tautulli, AirSonic and Rclone, plus 230 GB of content.

The thing is, my bat box (which has 1 TB of disk space) constantly crosses the 1 TB limit, thus I'm forced to delete some of my files.

I strongly doubt that those four apps I have installed on my bat box currently occupy like 770 GB of disk space, so I ask you if there is a way to know exactly what occupies my disk space, maybe some app I can install.

Thank you in advance!

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Accepted Answer

The rclone local file cache uses about 200GB and can grow temporarily beyond that space. If for whatever reason (e.g. authentication/bad request errors) the rclone configuration is no longer valid, there won't be any offloading to your mount, thus taking up all that space at your seedbox. Also, if you hit the 750GB daily upload quota limit (Google only), then the content you place at your mount path won't be able to be offloaded too since it takes a full day for that limit to reset.
Moreover, if you have a huge plex library (e.g. via Google unlimited), all metadata, thumbnails etc are stored at your seedbox so it can take much space due to millions of files. We have seen cases that all of this data surpass 100GB.
Lastly, it is possible that you accidentally selected to remove torrents but without data, or you have set your -arr apps to copy so you end up with double content.

But all of the above are just assumptions. Please open a support ticket from your client area so we can tell you exactly where that occupied space resides at.


Okay, I'll open the ticket. Thank you very much for your answer!