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How can i upload Files to Google Drive

Posted August 23rd, 2022    117   0   Google drive Drive

i would like to know how can i upload my files which i downloaded with my seedbox to google drive?!

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Accepted Answer

There are actually several ways to do that:

Via seedbucket:
1) Navigate to the downloaded folder at your seedbox, right click it, select move action and from the modal, choose your Gdrive (and navigate to the folder you wish to move it to) and click the move button
2) Indirectly and only if you download via torrents and don't care about ratio: Navigate to your Gdrive and the folder you wish to download into, click the "New" button at the top right and then "Download" option. At the new modal, drag'n'drop your .torrent file and it will be automatically downloaded to a temporary folder at your seedbox and instantly uploaded to your navigated path at your Gdrive. Just choose torrent files that are already extracted as you won't have a choice to extract at your Gdrive.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can find our seedbucket guide here .

Via 3rd party apps (sonarr3/radarr):
First you need to install your Google mount via seedbucket, then follow our guide regarding those apps here . You essentially choose the "/home/user/mounts/rclone/" path for adding your content via sonarr3/radarr, and those apps take care of the rest automatically. But of course, this is only for series/movies, for everything else, you need to use seedbucket as per the instructions above