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How does disk quota work?

Posted July 27th, 2019    1187   0  

What happens when I hit my disk quota? Can I setup ruTorrent to stop downloading when I reach it? I want to add an RSS feed to auto-download items from a particular source. My concern is that I'm not always going to be aware of what's being put on it (I know relatively, I trust my source, but the size is going to vary), so I could easily run out of space on accident if something unexpected and huge gets put there. Any advice? What would happen here?

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Basically you will get email first to clear some space. After that it just closes your server and you can reactivate it from next email to clear disk space, so it's not a big issue going over space limitation.

I have been handling it myself by having CRON nightly scheduled script deleting files from download folders that are older than 2 months, has been nicely inside quotas now.