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How does everyone cast their movies and shows to your TV?

Posted April 7th, 2020    431   0   roku chromecast cast

I'm just getting around to working with Plex. I usually just download the file to my PC and chromecast to the TV with something like Videostream. This seems unnecessary if I can go through Plex.

Should I just chromecast to my TV through Plex or maybe get a Roku stick? What would be the best option?

How do you personally manage this?

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Android TV Box
In my bedroom, and in the livingroom.
Amazon is where i bought mine, since they had more to pick from than my local online shops.


I use personally chromecast stick and with android phone being in same wireless network it gives you ability to easily just press stream from phone to chromecast.


My bedroom TV has a chromecast, and I cast to it with my phone, but my living room TV is a TCL Roku smart TV, and Roku has a plex app that works really well. I definitely recommend it.


I have both an Amazon Fire Stick and Fire Cube on different TVs with Plex app installed on each. Not sure if its the best option but I already had them in the house and was easy to setup once I got into the whole Plex thing.

I've heard Nvidia Shield TV is next level but also seems a bit overkill.

Nvidia Shield has the ability to natively decode h265 content, so for people looking to stream 4k without transcoding (and with better performance) it is a good but expensive option.