How to search for torrents

Posted December 6th, 2018    664   1   search torrents

Hi all,

A newbie here. How can I search for torrents? How to add trackers and where?

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Accepted Answer

You can only search for torrents via the the web interface of rutorrent client. If you do not remember the URL of the torrent client, please refer to the "Connection Details" of your seedbox within your client area.
However, this is a rutorrent feature which is outdated and hardly maintained, thus not recommended by us.

There is a magnifying glass icon to the top right corner of the rutorrent's web interface. Click on it and choose "all" torrent clients at the modal. Afterwards, place your input at the search bar and click the "play" green icon.
At the search results, right click the one you want and click "load". Choose the download folder and it will start downloading it.

We highly recommend to download yourself to your pc the .torrent file (or copy the magnet link) and upload it manually to the rutorrent's web interface or to your seedbucket's torrent client dashboard.