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How to use LazyLibrarian

Posted September 13th, 2019    424   0   lazylibrarian

I just got a welcome message.

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I'm going to throw my hat in the ring on this too. I'm trying to figure out how to point lazylibrarian at my nextcloud directories for library functions. Anyone have insight on those fields?


I guess you figured out how to launch the front-end. Purhaps you can help me benny32 ?
Then i might be abble to find a solution to your issue .

To be honnest the only solution i see is for LazyLibrarian to read to webdav protocol wich is unlikely.
The other possibility is for you to place in Seedbox Files repertory wich is accessable by ftp and for LazyLibrarian to accept ftp wich less unlikely.


I launched it from the installed apps tab on the dashboard.



Anyone have any ides on this? I haven't been able to find how-to's on the forums. Is this just that new?