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Import existing series from Google Drive access for Sonarr/Radarr?

Posted July 4th, 2019    1333   2   Google drive sonarr radarr

Is it possible to setup READ ONLY access for our mounted Google Drive (not for downloading directly to) to import existing series on disk?

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I would love something like this.


Any reply on this question?


Unfortunately this is not possible. The Google Drive mount is only available in Plex.
You have to understand that Sonarr was not built to read from remote drives. So while you are able to "fool" sonarr with a mounted remote drive, the performance impact is huge causing extreme load to servers and most importantly the google api that might cause a ban. The correct way for this to be handled, is for Sonarr to develop a plugin to read from google drive, through the google API.

Tip: You can enable the "Ignore Deleted Episodes" setting in Sonarr and "Unmonitor Deleted Movies" in Radarr. This way all files that are moved to Google Drive will be marked as unmonitored and won't be downloaded again.

You will have to enable the "Advanced Settings" toggle to see those settings.
If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to send a support ticket

Just wanted to say that I just got everything set up and ready to go and figured this out. I think this answer is a red herring and a little disingenuous. You could have put this tidbit of info up front and not make a perspective/new user dig for it after the fact. There are install scripts that can use Gdrive to store data and stream from AND arr can still see Gdrive so you can keep track of things in arr. I know because I've tried them. They can be a hassle to maintain, that's why I moved on to a seedbox provider. If it is a resources thing just say so and don't pass the buck to arr. With this said thank you for the tip I will try it. Except for this issue, which may turn out ot be a deal breaker, I am VERY happy with the ease of setup, documentation and ease of use of the site itself(dashboard etc.) edit: a bunch of spelling erros