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Is it possible to add support for Airsonic Advanced?

Posted March 21st, 2023    223   0   Airsonic Advanced Sonos seedbox update server Pair Pairing Link Links

Hi everyone,

as in the title of this post, I would know if it's possible to add support for Airsonic Advanced here on, not because the "normal" Airsonic is not working (I'm using it through substreamer and works like a charm), rather because of it lackluster support for SONOS devices.

The Advanced version of Airsonic makes it possible to pair devices with links (the link method, added for security reasons), which unfortunately is not present on the standard one; it support SONOS, that's true, but without the link method it's a bit of a miss.

Hope something can be done. Cheers!

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I will forward this to the dev team so they can have a look


Thank you! If they manage to add it would be truly awesome