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Posted August 26th, 2019    775   0  

Sorry for saying that but can any one tell us what's function of this JDownloader Tool ??

If I'm already have it on my pc , so what's benefit of this tool ?

So it's better to be deleted or change it with jdownloader client one .

I Hope that put it in plan for next updating , us all we know JDownloader is a free open-source download management tool , most of us familiar with it , also other service providers use it , we like also have it on .

About PyLoad it's problematic , plugins till now not working well, letters problems, most of the time non resumable .

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JDownloader app is already supported by us, you can 1-click install it through your client area

To be a bit more thorough to what you asked; By installing JDownloader app from your client area, you install the client in headless mode, that's why you need to register it with your account - so you can control it remotely by anywhere (web browser, extensions, mobile apps etc). All files will be downloaded to your local seedbox storage. There is no GUI of the client, as you see at your PC. The functionality, however is exactly the same, just visit in order to use it.