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Jellyfin sever and mobile devices

Posted April 28th, 2023    374   0  

I want to understand how can I connect to my jellyfin server I am hosting on using jellyfin client app on mobile devices.

So far I have seen tutorials about how to install and configure jellyfin but no clear information about how can I successfully connect to my jellyfin server runing on seedbox using any mobile device around the world.

I want to buy the subscription but this particular doubt is holding me back to go ahead.

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After you install jellyfin from your client area via 1-click installable apps, your jellyfin seedbox server will be up and running.

Just input your seedbox jellyfin server URL at the mobile app and at the next screen, your seedbox username and password.

The URL should be like this;

Just replace the word in bold with your seedbox username