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Local Sonarr/Plex with torrents on Seedbox (Full Automation)

Posted June 15th, 2019    1482   0   sonarr plex

Right now I'm running Sonarr/Jackett/Plex locally but want to move just the torrents to the seedbox. Can I link Sonarr to the remote torrent client, then setup a sync to my local NAS Storage?
I'm trying to keep this fully automated while storing & serving plex locally.

If I need to run Sonarr on the Seedbox slot, does anyone know how to handle sync/automatic moving of media locally?

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Ok, so I think I have my head wrapped around this:
1. Seedbox - Sonarr, Jackett, Sync & ruTorrent with unpacking enabled
2. BTSync to Plex Library in matching folders at home using Read Only permissions


The problem remaining is that I can't figure out how to stop BTSync from deleting files on my local network if I clean up on the Seedbox without removing the shared folder altogether first, then re-adding it. Maybe I need different software so I can specify not to delete?