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Mount local storage on seedbox

Posted February 14th, 2024    292   1   local storage

I am currently running Plex, Sonarr, Radarr on my box and use RClone to mount a GDrive for storage. Unfortunately, I have to transition away from using the GDrive to using local storage. What options are there to mount my local storage on my seedbox? (SSHFS? RClone using SMB? Mount directly through VPN? others?)
Thank you.

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Accepted Answer

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mount remote drives over residential internet access. Remote drive mount is already a very tedious task, which depends a lot on the reliability of the peering between our datacenter and the cloud provider. This cannot be achieved with residential lines which do not have stable performance within the day.

Furthermore, if you plan to use e.g. a PC or NAS for your Plex files, you should really just host your Plex server locally as well for maximum performance, rather than sending your data over to our servers only to stream it back again to your home.


I have the same question


I will be running Plex locally. However, I am planning on running sonarr and uTorrent on the box. So, I need the storage mounted, so that sonarr can move the files after downloading (similar to how it is currently moving the to the mounted GDrive).


In this case, you need to move to an opposite direction - but with the same end result - via remote path mapping.

  1. Run sonarr/radarr locally at your PC. You should set your indexer and download client at your local sonarr/radarr instance exactly as shown at your seedbox sonarr/radarr instance
  2. Mount your seedbox at your PC via FTP. You can use "rclone mount" command, after you create the relevant remote point
  3. Create a remote path mapping (settings -> download clients and click the "+" button at the "Remote Path Mappings" section) so the apps can find the downloaded content in your rclone mount. You can read more about remote path mappings here. For host, choose your torrent client you just set. For remote path, set the path of your download client (if it is default, it should be "/home/user/files/downloads"). This corresponds to the path at your seedbox. For local path, you should point it to your mounted FTP for the above folder in order to map those two together. For example, at OSX, it should be something like "/Volumes/"
  4. Lastly, set your root paths at settings -> media management at a local path of your choice (that point locally and not at your seedbox).

This way, the local apps will send the download request to your seedbox, your seedbox will download them, then they will monitor the downloads and grab the files once it's complete through the mount and finally copy them locally to your PC.

Don't forget to disable the indexers/downloads of the seedbox sonarr/radarr instances since you will be using them locally.
Theoretically this should work.