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Moving downloaded files from Transmission and Sabnzbd to my Gdrive?

Posted September 23rd, 2020    556   0  

Hello, I've been trying to think of a workaround to my situation. So I have Radarr/Sonarr set up with a gdrive account. Both radarr/sonarr are set up with transmission and sab but everytime after I finish downloading a movie/tvshow I have to login into seedbucket from my pc, select the downloaded files (which sometimes I get duplicates, like i'll get a perfectly named folder like "Movietitle" with the video file inside and then below i'll have a "movietitle.rargb.1080p" folder with the same video file, so i've been trying to also fix that) and then copy the files over to my gdrive folder. I was wondering if there is a way to automate this so I dont have to log in from my pc to copy the files over.

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I'm looking for a setup documentation to automate as much as possible.

Hi! We have several guides in this section that you can check out. Since what you are asking is a bit vague, it would be best if you opened a support ticket from your client area, providing us with more information (e.g. which programs are you familiar with/want to use, are you going to download via public/private trackers or usenet etc) and we will happily assist you. It would also be a good practice if you checked out the wiki's of those apps you want to use, just to get a hold of how things work, and we will gladly assist you according to your needs