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Hello so i have moved over from seedit4me as u seem to offer something better than them.

I notice that i setup plex and google encrypted at the same time which is basically you own rclone script. brillitant idea! now how does this differ from seeting rclone up normally?

Will there still be difrent folders? my old setup have 1 for local downloads 1 for the google drive and 1 that is local and drive merged that plex and radarr and sonarr read.

is there also a way to run 2 option of radar so I can have 1 for 1080p and 1 for 4k? or can I access this server from my external server hosting radarr externally.


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Everything is based on rclone, with the exception to our seedbucket app that we allow mixed content to be shown (contrary to what rclone does). As for plex, we use a mergerfs ("/home/gdrive-plex/") for both your local Plex and Google Plex subfolders, no need to have them defined at other paths. As for your current content that resides inside your Google drive, you can add those library paths at "/mnt/remote/" inside your plex app . Just make sure that you don't re-add the "/mnt/remote/Plex/{TV,Movies,Music}" as you will end up with double content.

As for radarr (or any other app), we don't allow two instances of them to be running simultaneously. And you can access it from wherever you want - just send us a ticket so we can assist you with your URL, port/host, settings etc.
Finally, bear in mind that the Gdrive mount is currently accessible only to plex. We will soon release support for other apps too (including radarr).