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Not getting full speed when downloading with FileZilla

Posted October 26th, 2017    1223   0   filezilla speed Download ftp

Hello. I'm noticing that when I'm downloading from the server to my PC, using FTP(FileZilla), I am not getting the maximum speed that my net can do. I believe I rarely pass 5 MByte/s though I should get 10. I get 10 when downloading from other places. Like Steam, or if I directly download a torrent to my computer. My net is 300/300 but I never get top speeds like that because I'm using a laptop and 2,4 GHz wifi over an older router. The issue is not related to firewalls or ports or anything like that. I've tried having 1-10 downloads simultaniously. Does not increase the total average.

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Try downloading via http with a download manager such as downloadthemall that takes advantage of parallel segmented downloading. If you're on Linux you can also use this simple two-script solution to handle that all for you. You will need wget and aria2.

Initialization Script

Obviously some modification would be necessary to use the scripts depending on how you'd like to download. However it's essentially ready as-is. It also leaves some junk laying around at the end. I am attempting to refine the script at the moment to remove that at the end of it's download cycle but it's a minor inconvenience compared to slow download speeds.